Drama  Queens  is  a   nonprofit  theatre   organization  that seeks  to   tell  the varying  stories  of   the  modern  woman, particularly black women   on  the continent  and  in   the diaspora  through edgy, modern  plays.  A   form  of political theatre,   Drama  Queens seeks  to   challenge  the  status  quo,  breaking barriers  and   empower  women by   engendering  a richer   conversation  around   women’s  lives,  their roles in society and in world progress.

Drama Queens seeks to use theatre as a means of restoring gender equity and balance to achieve a world state where women would no longer be a group of the oppressed, but would be creative and active agents, playing their key roles in contributing to universal progress. We aim to contribute to a future world where Woman is not oppressed by a patriarchy made active through race, religion, societal norms, culture, economics, and any other tool used by the perversion of patriarchy to suppress Woman. This non-­profit is founded by TV and Radio personality Akosua Hanson. Akosua Hanson is a co-­host of Celebrity Fanzone on GH One, a TV Show hosted by three women which focuses on womens point of view on trending topics in politics, popular culture, entertainment, societal issues and much more. She is the host of the Y Lounge on Y 107.9FM, a youth station dedicated to providing entertainment and education for Ghana’s youth through urban radio. Nana Akosua is a 2016 Mandela Washington Fellow in President Obama’s Young African Leaders Initiative. An MA/MPHIL student in the University of Ghana, Institute of African Studies, her research and thesis topic is centered on Culture and Gender in Africa: Rape Culture in Accra. Drama Queens aims through theatre to encourage a richer conversation around women’s lives, their roles in society and in world progress. By providing edgy, modern plays that challenge the status quo, Drama Queens aims to encourage its audience to question patriarchal rules, norms and ideas about gender and the role of the female. Our productions, aiming to be innovative and highly creative, will seek to address a wide berth of topics from sexuality to climate change. We believe that only through truthful and honest equity of the sexes can there be universal progress and Drama Queens aims to contribute to the several efforts towards achieving that by working with the minds. Though there are several successful efforts through law, human rights advocacy, politics and government, etc., we believe that preceding all these is the mindset of a people as influenced by socialization, religion and various other ways by which patriarchy establishes itself. Thus, by recognizing the catalytic effects of powerful theatre in engendering richer conversation and critical thinking, Drama Queens aim to tackle the widespread problem of patriarchy, challenging stereotypes, empowering women, by engaging with the mind to bring meaningful change.

This organization is founded on the ancient African philosophy of Ma’at meaning Truth, Justice, Balance, Righteousness, Propriety, Order, and Harmony. We believe this encapsulates an Ancient African concept of equity which does not exist in today’s society and which we seek to restore. Woman is not taking enough space in the story to match her contribution to the story. Driven by the need to center the FEMININE in the ongoing story of Africa, Drama Queens aim to restore Ma’at. By challenging people’s minds and thought processes, and encouraging open debates through theatre, Drama Queens challenges the worldwide canker of patriarchy. We believe that only through truthful and honest equity of the sexes can there be universal progress.

Mission: Centering HerStories in a World that Seeks to Erase them.
1. To address a myriad of issues from the woman’s point of view or to which women are invariably connected: history (by including herstories), politics, religion, climate change, etc.

2. To provide more ‘Female-­‐centric’ plays in script-­‐writing, content of production, and management.

3. To promote gender equity and advocate for the integration of gender at all levels

4. To provide, edgy, modern plays that challenge the status quo 

5. To contribute to creativity and innovation in Ghanaian theatre 

6. To enhance community interaction and engagement through meaningful debate and open conversation. 

7. To stage a production every quarter. 

8. All proceeds go to funding ‘Let’s Talk Consent’ workshops in schools and public spaces.