With this Code of Conduct, we forge the language of a vision of a creative & arts community that exists and thrives in harmony.

We want a thriving, happy and very productive arts community that engenders a space that supports creating and creative work.

We recognize that to create such a community requires both individual and communal dedication and effort.

It is by having inner peace and harmony that we can spread peace and harmony to our community.

By languaging this Code and by declaring our intention to live this Code, we declare our intention to do our best to live in love and to create a community built on love and integrity.

The Ghanaian Creative and Arts community is an especially unique space
within Ghana, in that, it is the fiery hub of innovation, artistic excellence, societal revolution, entrepreneurship, alternative solutions, and most importantly, the holder of culture.

By declaring our intention to live by this Code of Conduct we challenge prejudice, violence, and any behaviour that causes discord within the community.

Because of the power and relevance of creativity and art in holding the culture of a society, this Code of Ethics is a demonstration of our willingness to protect the harmony of this space.

In harmony, we seek to create a productive and thriving creative and arts space that continuously improves, and contributes to the larger Ghanaian community.
This Code of Conduct governs how we behave in the community, in our personal and public dealings with any member or group within the community.
This Code of Conduct exists to ensure that diverse groups and persons within the community collaborate to mutual advantage and pleasure.

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