COV-19 Culture ‘Zine by Drama Queens Ghana.

The COV-19 pandemic has changed the world and life as we know it forever. All around us we see old systems breaking down to make way for the new.
As old and weak systems fall apart, we are challenged to reflect and imagine new, just and better societal systems and ways of being.

A new world is being birthed, and its the artists and storytellers that provide the balm of healing and the language for the New World.

Be a part of this epic collection of artistic reflections!reflections, essays, flash fiction, short stories, photography, poetry, jokes, satire, limericks, visual art, even music playlists, rituals…the love stories, the solidarity stories, the dreams…we want them all!

Send submissions and a short bio to

Deadline for submissions: 27th June 2020

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