Picture credits: Cover art by Newman @dynamic_newman03. Creative Direction: Francis Y. Brown @francis_y_brown.


Queer people in Ghana and across Africa, have had to grow tough skin, trying to survive in an oppressive society that refuses to recognize our freedom to exist and love.

This year has seen our world plagued by a health crisis and a harsh onslaught of injustice! Let us be inspired by the fight for what is right and just. Let us remember to inspire and celebrate queer lives and art. To tell our stories as our way of resisting the violence of erasure.
As artists and activists, we will continue the struggle for our rights and that of all those who have been deprived. We will stand and fight for a sustainable social system that works for everyone. We will not be quiet until we see and feel real change. Not until it’s better for all!

This June 2020, as we centre our queerness and blackness with the #Moongirls, be reminded that we are valid and loved. Always and forever, no matter what. Be proud loudly, live boldly even if quietly, and more importantly be you at all times with no apologies, because your life matters too.
We invite all artists, creators and fans to join us celebrate pride month; African Queer Lives Matter too. Feel free to create moongirls cover art, which will be shared in our next graphic novels and on our social media. #moongirls #pride🌈 #blacklivesmatter #blackqueerlivesmatter

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