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The Marine City of Kintampo

A coral reef city central to the politics of the MoonGirls, the Marine City of Kintampo, is located in one of the high seas of the South Atlantic Ocean. This marine city is home to fish and all species of sea creatures from all the 5 oceans of the world, making it the centre of marine politics, technology and some say, human interaction.

It is also known as the City of Concealment, and its High Masters have trained many warriors in the art of Camouflage, and for those whose path it is, in the Art of Deception. Ghanaian MoonGirl Dede often trains within its high water walls, as well as to “put her ears in the sea” to pick up on vital information for MoonGirl missions.

Moongirls is an adult graphic novel series that follows the adventures of 4 Ghanaian Supersheroes with varying superpowers. Through an afro-futurist lens, they fight for an Africa free from patriarchy, corruption, pollution, war, neo-colonialism, homophobia…an Africa Free period.

Meet the MoonGirls at their comic art exhibition on the 27th to the 29th December 2019 at the Kuenyehia Trust for Contemporary Art and 3rd to 5th January 2020 at the Basecamp Initiative.
Mark your calendars! This is going to be A CONVERSATION.

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