By Squid Magazine.

In the year 2019 of the New World Order of the Council of the Seti, the current Moongirls are four African Supersheroes who fight a physical and philosophical war. Their mission: to restore Truth, Propriety, Order, Balance, Justice, and Harmony. Ma’at.

Little girls need to hear stories of their greatness and humanity in a patriarchal world that tells them otherwise. Women need to be reminded of their capabilities in a world where rape, for instance, is the weapon of a gender war. 

Drama Queens Ghana is proud to present, “MoonGirls”, an Afrofuturistic graphic novel series. Through an Afrofuturistic lens, MoonGirlsfollows the adventures of 4 African supersheroes with varying superpowers to save the world from a diverse range of forces; from patriarchy, rape culture to pollution and global warming

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