Often people assume that the remarkable feats women have achieved is a sign that the patriarchy and its system of misogyny has been erased. But this is a common misconception.


This is a belief mainly held by middle to upper class men who may fail to see how oppressive the workforce system is to women and other minorities.They plainly discredit the discrimination faced by women in the workforce.


Double standards have become so inherent in workplace culture that they’ve become the norm.

Women in power being assumed to have slept their way to the top is a perfect and often used example which both enrages and saddens me.


This and the fact that determined and ambitious women are not deemed as wife material and hence may remain single for a greater period of time may factor into the reason why some women are reluctant to take that big leap into more demanding work roles.


Why this is a problem is due to a long standing African way of thinking which bases a woman’s worth off being able to marry and have children. Hence any woman who doesn’t follow suit is ostracized.


Also, when a woman does get to the top and decides to have children she is faced with the choice of either economic security or taking care of her children in the formulative years of their lives.


I certainly think we should not inflict such unnecessary baggage on a new mother. Paid maternity leave should be a standard feature for all workplaces. Paid paternity leave should also be the same because the parenting of a child requires a team effort.


And finally, respect should be accorded to the highest degree to women who are in roles higher up the organizational ladder. For it is common practice for men in particular to disregard a woman’s wishes or grievances with the excuse of her menstrual cycle interfering with her reasoning or with the excuse that a woman has inferior intellectual capabilities.


This and many other double standards should be put a stop to in a timely fashion in order to produce a society for all to exist in, be productive in and achieve their full humanity in.


The future is female.


By Afrakoma

Afrakoma is a fifteen year old Afrocentric revolutionary and womanist who is determined to educate the masses through writing

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