Who sees me, when i need to be seen?
When your eyes refuse to glance my soul,
And your gaze, holds mine no longer,
And your stare increasingly grows colder,
And my eyes see more terror than I can bear,
And my gaze relies on light to be sane,
And my stare is fraught with guilt and shame,
Who sees me, when i need to be seen?
Who hears me when i need to be heard?
When the silence clears, and white noise recedes,
And the screams become whispers, and the hurt resigns,
And your voice is a numb echo in this hymn,
And your laughter is the senile rythmn of this loop,
And the miseries cycle around my days, in endless reverie,
Who hears my screams?
Who hears when i need to be heard?
Who holds me, when I need to be held?
When lavender arms no longer yield warmth,
And your house is no longer my home
And my temple is no longer your shrine
And my aching bones need mending,
And your flesh needs tending,
who holds me?
Who holds me when I need to be held?
Who touches me when I need to be touched?
when the absence of lust is an absence of love,
And the presence of hate is a macabre detachment,
And the essence of haste is tad problematic,
And your kiss feels like an ocean, drowning me
And physical contact is an unwarranted premise
And everyone else touches your heart more than I do,
Whose touch is friendlier still?
who touches me when I need to be touched?
Who knows me, when I need to be known?
When the limp noose suffocates my patience,
And my impatience suffocates my loose morals,
And my detrimental disfunction leads me astray,
And my musings are misunderstood,
And my actions are misconstrued,
And my lonliness is my holiness,
And my silence is my prison,
Who knows what I need?
Who knows me, when i need to be known?
Who loves me when i need to be loved?
When simple words make the difference,
and osmosis of the utmost degree relies heavily on your approval,
And each heartbeat resounds with your lies,
And my insecurities eat away my pain,
And your dispassionate appeal steals the little love left,
Who loves me, when I need to be loved?
Certainly not you.
Anthony Benjamin Adeaba

Anthony is a student at the University of Ghana. He is a career workaholic in the making. he is ambitiously driven, also the talent hogger, he writes poetry, draws nudes and paints with light once a while.

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