Through the years the role of the woman has evolved in the household and by extension in the workplace. Women have, through activism and everything in between, been able to carve a path for themselves that doesn’t revolve around the cliché and out played role of the “caretaker”. But there are still some women who find solace in the simple joys of housework and some who are forced to juggle this role and their work life. The latter is a more likely scenario than the former and hence is the main focal point of this essay.
Imagine this. After a grueling eight hour workday and a forty five minute stint, in a more than likely, traffic jam one comes home to a pile of dirty dishes, pieces of debris on an unswept floor and the likes. This makes for a very sorry sight and a very sorry situation. This is the plight of many women who can’t afford to get professional help. Not to talk of whining and petulant children to take care of.
Why this duty falls on the woman is due to the patriarchy which perpetuates out-moded and ridiculous roles for women.
I mean, with our heavily capitalist society I am surprised that a remedy hasn’t been found for this all too known phenomenon. To be more specific, the radical industrialization of housework has the potential for being a worthwhile business. It comes as shock to me that a young Buffet has not chanced upon this ingenious idea.
Is it that we are so entrenched in the patriarchy as a society that we can’t fathom the role of women being one other than in the home or is it just a mere over sight by the moguls of today?
Either way I think this proposed venture will bring millions in profit and tax revenue and the bureaucratic aspect will bring employment to many
people. It will also help many women in their daily lives.
Although, an aspect of it may have to be subsidized in order for it to be affordable for the average working woman instead of being left to the market forces.
Now, imagine a world where a clean home is not solely reliant on one human being.
That would be marvelous, wouldn’t it?
By: Nana Afrakoma Otoo
Nana Afrakoma Otoo is a fifteen year old Afrocentric revolutionary and womanist who is determined to educate the masses through writing.

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