Society tells you don’t cry as a man and the same society says a man who can cry is somewhat mature and true.
Society says you giving birth biologically doesn’t make you a mother…but it won’t stop short of calling you barren if you don’t get one or another.
Society says, don’t rush for things. Good things come to those who wait. Same society says, hey don’t slack, go get it! Push for it and listen to nobody.
Society says listen to your heart and follow it. You wait and crash and you will hear society ask why you did not use your head.
With one side of the mouth, society advocates patience…with the other side, it tells you time and tide waits for no man.
I don’t know about you but it sounds to me like a scam.
Two opposing sounds coming from the same drum
It’s like two different bleats coming from the same ram.
Society tells you to build a castle with the rocks it throws at you. That’s hypocritical, because society overlooks the cuts and bruises you have. And that your bones are too broken to even pick up one rock.
It’s hypocritical, diabolical, almost nonsensical.
Society would give you list of billionaires who were school drop outs.
It’s almost as though it’s telling you to also tap out if school is busting your butt out.
Then why advocate school in the first place?
Why don’t you just tell us its ability not school at the beginning of the race?
Or better, stay focused and work hard, give nobody face
Or best, just say it’s by Grace.
It’s not always right but it’s never far from wrong
It’s whispers virtue from one side and asks you to practice vice with the other
It’s sly, it would trick you and get you messed and it would shout in your face how silly you were!
‘How could you get pregnant at sixteen?!!!’ society would ask.
How couldn’t she get pregnant at sixteen when all she sees is kissing and sex and everything else on that screen?
It’s not that bad…..she hears.
But I could get pregnant…she fears.
She can sense danger… but she nears.
Next you know, she’s pregnant
A kid gives birth to another kid.
Society asks why she didn’t use a condom or why she didn’t wait till she was married.
Flash-forward sixteen years later, when this same girl becomes successful in business,
Society points to her as an example to other girls.
”If she did it, you can do it too!”
Shame on you society…shame.
You expected her to fail. Sorry, she didn’t.
Maybe i am being too hard on society…maybe society is a victim to its own self. Its self-consuming… self-damaging.
Society…it has nothing to do with humanity
Its cruel with ruthless gravity
Confusion in its entirety
Society…sounds more like insanity.

Jonathan Mensah  writes just about anything that comes to mind. He’s an aspiring author and runs a blog.

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